Denim trends to embrace this fall

Denim trends to embrace this fall

Denim trends to embrace this fall

The idea of denim ever going out of style is ludicrous. It’s literally always been cool, even as its used in different ways from decade to decade. The term “literally” is pretty overused these days, but I actually mean literally.

One of the most interesting aspects of denim trends is how they rotate. When they first became popular, skinny jeans looked like an unfortunate blast from the past to many people. After a few years, flared jeans became mainly irrelevant because the ’90s were back, baby. One of denim’s shining characteristics is its ability to match with almost anything. From bold floral shirts to awesome accessories like a pink series watch, a well-fitting pair of jeans will look amazing.

Many of the upcoming denim trends have made a splash in past decades, but now they’re back and ready for the 2014-2015 fashion reports.

Denim shirts and jackets

It’s hard to identify a time when jean jackets weren’t cool. Whether people are wearing them with studs and safety pins or faux fur lining, they keep on keepin’ on. It’s also cool to use a button-down denim shirt like a cardigan in a more casual setting.

Avoid the Canadian tuxedo look by skipping the jean jacket or over shirt when you’re wearing denim pants. However, it’s okay to mix and match different colors of denim, like a chambray shirt with maroon jeans.

​’90s swag
Even if the last time you wore overalls was on the playground at recess, it’s all turning around. Overalls are integral to your fall 2014 denim selection, although Lucky Magazine is quick to inform readers that it’s not cool to leave one strap unhooked. Don’t buy your overalls too baggy because you want them to still look feminine when you’re wearing them.

There was a steady decline in the preferred height of waistbands, from high-rise pants in the ’90s to the super-low fits that became trendy in the following decade. However, it’s time to tuck those shirts in and pull those pants up high. This summer was definitely a big one for the high-waisted shorts, but don’t let it stop there because high-waisted long pants are in for the fall and winter.

Clean cut is out
Do you remember when everyone was paying for pre-ripped jeans? Yeah, that’s back. From handmade cuts in your old favorite pair to designer styles that you splurge on, this is a look that’s sure to continue through the autumn.

Patchwork denim is also part of this season’s must-have list. Whether you apply your own patches to a pair of jeans, find the perfect pair of multi-colored denim pants or mend holes with other pieces of fabric, there are many varieties of patchwork denim.

Finally, you can rock a more relaxed fit with boyfriend jeans. The style calls for slouchy pants with a low waistline and tapered legs. Women often roll the bottoms of their boyfriend jeans for a girly cuff that keeps the hem out from underneath their feet.

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your summer shorts, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to. Keep wearing jean shorts as temperatures fall with a slick pair of tights underneath.

Not your mom’s jeans
Although, Lucky Magazine said “mom jeans” are in, you may not be striving for that minivan look. If you want to channel the vintage style of your mom, consider a pair of fit and flare jeans. These are often tight from the waistband to the knees, then get wider as they near the hem. Many have square pockets, which further add to the old-school look.

While we’re on the topic of mom, forget everything she said about wearing white after labor day. Several fashion authorities have confirmed that white jeans are a great addition to the fall and winter wardrobe.


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