Be comfortable like Kate Middleton


Dress Like Kate Middleton

Who says a princess can’t wear workout clothes in public? According to Pop Sugar, the Duchess of Kent was recently out and about, completing her royal duties. She was headed to the Lawn Tennis Center of London, and didn’t dress to the nines, as one might anticipate. Instead, she wore a pair of track pants, some stylish and impeccable Nike shoes and a complimentary Nike shirt. The source added she did happen to sport some diamonds, but what else would you expect from a Royal?

Naturally, Kate looked great, but she transmitted a larger message: It’s actually cool to rock the athleisure trend, and you can look classy as well as comfortable. If you’re new to this kind of fashion, here are some tips for what to buy and how to wear it.

What is athleisure?
The term “athleisure” encompasses fashionable workout clothing. According to Business Insider, it’s known as the trend of wearing clothes you’d throw on for a run during the day, rather than changing into something more street-appropriate. Companies like Lululemon, Under Armour and Nike have made leggings and tops as bold and as beautiful as your BABY-G watch, and they’re designed to be worn outside of the gym. Instead of the standard black leggings, you can now choose from bottoms in every shade under the sun, with see-through panels, sparkles, special properties – such as compression-style – and more. These garments are nice enough to make you look polished on the street, and sturdy enough to cope with your sweat at the gym.

What not to wear
Ditch those ancient workout clothes, or save them for your at-home fitness pursuits. Athleisure clothing looks classy, and if you have any doubts, just ask yourself if the item in question is something Kate Middleton might wear. It might also be prudent to clear out any fragrant, older clothing as well. Workout clothes can be well-made, but that doesn’t mean they can withstand copious sweat forever. However, don’t be afraid to be bold with the new items you eventually select. Gone are the days of monochrome clothing, but you might want to leave the neon, ’80s-themed tracksuit in the back of your closet. It’s there for a reason.

Build your athleisure wardrobe
New York City is a Mecca for fashion, and it’s no coincidence that people are taking to the streets in their finest fitness garb. If you’re ready to add some pieces to your repertoire, Who What Wear advised where best to start. Select some wide-leg track pants to mix and match with classier pieces, if you’re planning to transition from a busy day to a fun evening out with friends. They look dressy enough to pair with a long jacket, some fancy sneakers and a nice shirt. Prefer to keep the jeans? Match the denim with a puffy, warm coat and a fitted tank top. And, no matter what, you will never go wrong with basic black, so invest in a classy pair of leggings and a chic top in this shade.

You don’t have to give up on dresses and heels, but considering some athleisure-themed pieces to complement your wardrobe can give it a modern boost. Look for items that work with your existing garments, and you’ll be well on the way to a rounded collection of clothing.

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