9 DIY ugly Christmas sweater ideas

Be unique at the ugly Christmas sweater party with these ideas.

Be unique at the ugly Christmas sweater party with these ideas.

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, of course. So whether you’re being festive at school, sporting your digs around the house or heading to someone’s holiday party, there are dozens of ways to make your sweater unique. So don’t settle for the last-minute department store display that’s only slightly tacky and super generic. Let your creativity flow and design a DIY pullover that’ll make you stand out in the midst of a dozen ugly Christmas sweaters!

Here are nine ways to individualize your look:

1. Wrap yourself up
You can’t show up to a holiday party without a gift, so just turn yourself into one. Cover your sweater in traditional wrapping paper and pin yourself with the largest, most obnoxious bow you can find.

2. Hang a wreath
Wreaths are the perfect symbol of Christmas: they’re colorful, welcoming and festive. So why not tack one on your sweater? Use a traditional pine wreath or make your own with one of these DIY ideas from Good Housekeeping magazine.

3. Load on the tinsel
Nothing says tacky quite like a tree that’s covered in too much tinsel – so make use of the stuff and throw it on your sweater! Just make sure it’s one you don’t mind ruining – once you glue on the shiny stuff, there’s no turning back.

4. Become a snow globe
Creating your own festive ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ruin one of your favorite pullovers. Just consider POP SUGAR’s suggestion: A DIY snow globe! No articles of clothing will be harmed in the making of this get-up. Just throw glitter and Christmas decorations into a large plastic bag, seal it up and throw it over your sweater.

5. Cozy up as the mantel
For an outfit that’s equally tacky, cozy and inviting, turn your ugly Christmas sweater into the mantel. Use felt, garland and fabric paint to design your fireplace and clip stockings to your arms so that they hang. For bonus points, fill the stockings with candy and encourage your friends to enjoy the sweets.

If you want to take your mantel sweater to an entirely different level, you may be inspired by Mark Rober of NASA’s interactive design. Talk about getting lit.

6. Get #LIT
Speaking of getting of lit – why not just cover yourself in a string of Christmas lights? You’ll want to make sure it’s a battery-powered strand, of course – otherwise you’ll be standing next to an outlet for majority of the party.

7. Turn in to Rudolph
Most people will admit that Rudolph is their favorite reindeer. Who can resist that bright red nose? Let his unique facial feature inspire you to create a cute, one-of-a-kind reindeer sweater. With this tutorial by the Country Chic Cottage and a few simple items from the craft store, your sweater will surely go down in history.

8. Be the Christmas tree
No holiday symbol is quite as iconic as the beloved Christmas tree. So turn heads by making your sweater into one! Just find a green long-sleeve and decorate the entire thing – including the arms – in garland, pom poms, tinsel and small ornaments. Be sure to keep a star in your pocket.

Once you arrive to the party, raise your arms with the star in hand and wow your besties! They’ll be jealous that they hadn’t thought of this fun idea before you.

9. Jingle around the party
Ugly sweater parties are supposed to be incredibly tacky. What better way to make yourself present than by covering your sweater in small jingle bells? Just use a shirt you don’t mind ruining and glue small bells in festive Christmas colors all over the body and arms of the garment. If you really want to annoy your friends, just remember this helpful hint: the more, the merrier!

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