8 ways to wear leopard print

8 ways to wear leopard print

8 ways to wear leopard print

Animal prints can be hit or miss, depending on how you work them into an outfit. You’ve probably seen misuse of leopard print, when it’s trashier than it is classy. However, the big cat pelt pattern is an excellent addition to outfits that mainly use neutral colors. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, leopard print actually makes more of a visual impact when paired with basic pieces.

Leopard versus cheetah
So there’s leopard print and there’s cheetah print, which look pretty similar. There are probably stores that call items “cheetah” when they’re actually leopard, or vice versa. However, there’s one way to determine which pattern you’re rocking, according to Mental Floss. The spots on a cheetah are solid black, often round or oval-shaped. In contrast, leopard spots are more varied with brown shades and imperfect shapes.

The top 8

  1. One of the best ways to wear leopard is on an accessory. Look for leopard print scarves, sunglasses, purses, shoes, hats, belts and hair accessories. Add just one of the above with a BABY-G watch for a subtle supplement to your look, or match the patterns on several items. Consider wearing a thin leopard print belt with a solid colored dress or spotted heels with a formal ensemble. Depending on where you’re going, animal print heels might be a little much. Instead, try leopard print flats or slip-ons.
  2. Red and leopard print look great together because the color is so bold.
  3. If you have the dexterity and skill to do so, try out leopard print on your fingernails.
  4. Cosmo recommended wearing a leopard printed blouse with denim for a more casual look. Both shorts and long pants work well for this look.
  5. For outfits that are mainly patterned, such as a dress or pants, avoid leopard print accessories. Go with a more neutral palette for the rest of your getup.
  6. To mix masculine and feminine elements, try a baggy leopard print sweater or shirt with fitted bottoms.
  7. Teen Vogue suggested layering different sized leopard spots in your outfit.
  8. Because leopards have more complex patterns on their coats, there is a variety of tans, blacks and oranges that fashion designers use in popular styles. Leopard print comes in interesting shades beyond the realistic pattern. From blue to red leopard spots, there are plenty of options for snazzy animal print clothes.


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