8 items you should have in your closet

Items for your closet

Items for your closet

Everyone has their own sense of style, and that’s exactly how it should be. However, there are certain wardrobe staples that you’ll find yourself needing again and again, like these top eight.

1. Nude pumps
A pair of sensible heels is essential in general, but nude pumps are the most versatile option out there. You might be inclined to go with black, but what if you’re wearing brown or navy blue?

You often see patent leather nude pumps, but don’t be afraid to stray from the norm a bit. Nude suede or matte leather also look great with anything from jeans to a little black dress.

2. Little black dress
Which leads us here to the LBD. You can go strapless, long-sleeved, bodycon or flowy – it’s all so good. One could write a book about the appropriate occasions to don a little black dress, so that should show you that the options are endless. Wear it out for the night with a pair of heels and killer makeup, or dress it down with boots, a scarf and your BABY-G watch for class.

3. Yoga pants or leggings
From running to the supermarket to pick up milk to movie night with the girls, a pair of black, stretchy pants are mandatory. Yoga pants are wildly popular, as you’ve certainly observed, but opaque leggings serve the same purpose. If you have a strong dog in the leggings-aren’t-pants fight, skinny yoga pants will do just fine.

These are perfect match for those baggy sweaters and tees you crave on lazy days. For whatever reason, it’s more flattering to wear your loose-fitting tops with a pair of slimming leggings than with jeans. Whether you want to wear a soft and long v-neck, a baggy flannel or a sweater from the men’s section, your yogas or leggings will be there every time.

4. A statement necklace
Even if you’re more of a simple gold chain type of jewelry-wearer, a bolder piece of bling will come in handy at times. You can go with a bright color, an interesting type of bead or a large pendant to bring more pizzazz to the way you accessorize. An interesting necklace is great for dressing up a bland outfit, putting the final touch on a black dress or just garnering compliments from envious peers.

5. A nice pair of stud earrings
If you’ve had your ears pierced for a long time, you probably have a million stud earrings strewn about. However, one pair of diamond studs is a key addition to your jewelry box as a young adult. Diamond studs match any outfit and look classy on every woman. Real diamonds can be quite expensive, but cubic zirconium looks exactly the same and costs much less.

8. Formal black pants
From funerals to job interviews, you’ll always find a reason to wear black pants. A lot of people go with black jeans, stretchy pants or cords – which are all great wardrobe pieces – but you should have a pair of true dress pants in your closet. Take the time to try some on and find the best fit. They’re meant to be looser than jeans but still form fitting.

10. Dark jeans
There are so many shades of denim, it can be tricky to know which is best. If you’re adding a new pair of jeans to your collection, go with a dark wash. They often look more formal, and the stark difference between light-colored tops and your pants can be an attractive dichotomy. Skinny jeans are still mega-popular, but other styles like boyfriend and high-waisted jeans are trending this season as well.


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