6 beanie trends you don’t want to miss this winter

Beanie Trends

Beanie Trends

Arguably the most adored fashion accessory of the year is back – behold the beanie. What’s the coolest part about this hip, yet practical head adornment? It’s versatility. Whether you’re heading to a rock show or to work, you can find a way to throw your beanie into the mix. Here are six different beanies to suit all of your winter needs.

1. The slouch
This type of hat gives your look a reggae vibe and can be worn with ripped jeans, flannels, leather jackets or T-shirts. If you’re on your way to the grocery store, movie theater or a casual lunch with friends, grab your slouchy hat to pull off your not-so-put-together look.

2. The sarcastic hat
If you’ve never shopped in a store that prides itself on humor, you might not know that hats can be sarcastic. This season, everyone from celebrities to middle schoolers are wearing beanies with witty or quirky phrases like “Ain’t no wifey” to give an outfit a careless and bad-to-the-bone vibe. Let your hat do the talking this winter.

3. Crochet is a-ok
Guess what ladies? Crocheting and knitting are back and cooler than ever. No longer do you have to keep your deeply loved hobby a secret. Show the world your skill by wearing your very own beanie creation. Crocheted or knitted hats can work both sides of the fashion spectrum. They make great accompaniments to a tall pair of riding boots and silky scarf, or they can be worn outdoors, as many of them work with all types winter jackets, from peacoats to zip ups.

4. A button up
When you hear the words “button up,” you probably think of sweaters, jackets or blouses. Hats might be the last thing to come to mind, but “button up beanies” actually exist. While they don’t literally button up, beanies decorated with buttons are trendy this winter. Wear one with your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks while you’re sipping hot chocolate or heading to class in a snowstorm.

5. The semi beanie
In case you haven’t noticed, there are a large number of people walking around with part of a hat on, and it’s adorable. Knitted headbands, or semi beanies continue to be on fashionista’s radars this winter. Wear one with a dress and tights or with your baggy blouse and bell bottoms.

6. The brimmed beanie
Bring on the biggest, baddest tundra-like conditions. You don’t care. You’ve got your brimmed beanie to keep the flakes out of your eyes. Wear it to the gym with your BABY-G BA110LP-7A leopard print watch and you’ll look ready to rock.


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