5 ways to add style and warmth to your wardrobe

Add Warmth to Your Wardrobe

Add Warmth to Your Wardrobe

As much as you may love your tank tops, cut off shorts and flip flops, the early days of fall are already hinting that it’s about time to retire those summer pieces for the rest of the year. As the weather becomes colder, it’s time to make some changes to your wardrobe. Though it may be be gray and cold, staying warm doesn’t have to be boring. Colder temperatures brings new opportunities for adding a splash of personal character and flair to your outfits.

Dipping temperatures don’t need to be cause for concern when you’re a savvy fashoinista. As the weather cools, use these five tips to add some extra warmth -and style – to your favorite outfits.

1. Choose the right fabric 
When you transition your wardrobe for colder weather, the fabrics that are in your closet play a critical role. While you need light fabrics that breathe well in the summer, replacing your cotton tees and light cardigans with articles made from heavier materials will let you stick with your usual style while adding some warmth to your outfits. The Huffington Post recommended adding cashmere to your wardrobe when the weather cools. A simple cashmere sweater is subtle, yet stylish and sophisticated.

2. Add accessories 
Scarves may be a trustworthy accessory at any time of year, but cold weather is the time when they really prove their worth. Wearing extra accessories, like scarves, leg warmers and hats, is a simple way to add both style and warmth to your outfits. This season, you should also consider elbow length gloves. Not only will they keep your arms warm, they add a timeless grace and elegance to your ensemble.

3. Throw on tights 
A quick fix for colder days is to simply throw on a pair of tights. While any type will add warmth to your outfit, fleece lined tights are especially nice, helping you to feel cozy on even the coldest of days. And you don’t need to limit yourself to wearing tights with dresses or skirt. Go ahead and add a pair underneath a pair of jeans or slacks when the temperatures drop. It will make any walks outside much more pleasant.

4. Go with a midi skirt 
It may be chilly, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be covered from head to toe. While you may want to pass on the mini skirt for a few months, a midi skirt is a perfect compromise that lets you express your femininity. Wear this hot clothing item with a pair of classy pumps or cheeky ankle boots for the perfect cool weather ensemble.

5. Dress in layers
Not ready to let go of your favorite warm weather items from your closet? Cosmopolitan magazine suggested simply dressing in layers. Add a fitted, long sleeve tee or a nude colored camisole underneath your favorite shirt and throw a cardigan on top. A vest filled with down is also a great option for adding a chic layer of warmth to your outfit. By layering your outfit, you’ll be able to stay warm when you’re outside and then peel off layers to keep from overheating when you’re inside.

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