5 Tips for Organizing Your Room

Keep your peace of mind by organizing your room.

Keep your peace of mind by organizing your room.

Cleaning your room can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. By organizing your room throughout the week, you'll be able to keep better track of all of your belongings and keep your peace of mind. Here are five simple ways to take the guesswork out of organizing your room.

1) Get rid of all of the things you don't need
Although that shirt you bought three years ago with your best friend at the mall is really cute, are you really going to wear it again? Have you worn it in the past six months? Throw away or donate any clothes that you haven't worn in the past few months in order to create more space in your room. What about that sample catalog you got in the mail and only read once? Yep, get rid of that too.

2) Keep all of your mementos in one box
It's great if you like to keep small souvenirs like concert tickets and birthday cards, however, all of those trinkets can accumulate fast and hog up tons of space in your room. To avoid overdoing it on mementos, pick one container to put them in and don't buy anything new once it's full. Instead, swap out mementos that aren't as significant anymore for newer ones.

3) Don't buy useless things on sale
It's tempting to buy things on sale just because it seems like it's a good deal. However, according to Women's Day, if it's not something essential it doesn't matter how much it is. Shop smartly to make the most use of the space that you have.

4) Make hooks your friend
Use removable hooks to organize small things like jewelry, scarves, and other accessories and hang them on your wall. You'll make use of the extra space on your wall and you can be creative and organize them decoratively.

5) Use clear containers to organize your makeup
It's almost impossible to find a makeup bag to house all of your products in if you have an expanding makeup collection. As a result, your makeup can end up on the floor, all over your desk, and to top it all off, that one red lipstick is always missing when you need it the most. According to Buzzfeed, the best way to avoid the mayhem is to use clear labeled containers on an empty shelf in your closet. That way, when you need specific products you'll be able to choose them from one central location. 

With these simple tips, you can take the headache out of keeping your room clean and organized.