5 back-to-school outfit ideas

Back to School Ideas

Back to School Ideas

Your first day of class is right around the corner. Have you picked out your outfit yet? If you have no idea what to wear, don’t panic. Here are a few back-to-school suggestions:

1. Play it safe
If you don’t feel like standing out from the crowd on your first day, just play it safe. A cute graphic t-shirt, slim-fit jeans and a fresh pair of sneakers makes a classic first-day-of-school outfit.

Accessories: Now’s the perfect time to show off those new studded earrings you scored at the mall this summer. And don’t forget to wear a hair tie around your wrist. It could get hot, and you should have the option to throw your hair up if necessary.

2. Go edgy
Going for the edgy, rocker style this year? We’ve got just the look for you. Beauty blog CollegeFashion suggested black skinny jeans, ankle boots, a plaid dress and a leather jacket to achieve the grunge trend.

Accessories: Knuckle rings, chunky chokers and long, skinny earrings make the perfect rocker-chic additions to your outfit.

3. Dress it up
You’re almost out of high school, so why not practice dressing like you’re on your way to your internship? You can’t go wrong with a professional look. A conservative blouse, long skirt and pointed dress heels will surely impress your classmates.

Accessories: Use a statement necklace to make the rest of your outfit pop.

4. Get school girl casual
Glam Radar suggested creating a look inspired by the classic school girl uniform with a matching skirt and blazer set. Or, skip the blazer and throw your alma mater’s sweatshirt over a long-sleeved button up. Finish the look with knee-high socks and platform loafers.

Accessories: What’s a school girl look without a pair of thick-rimmed glasses? Renew your prescription with new chunky frames or throw on a fake pair.

5. Stay sporty
Motivate yourself to work out after class and look cute along the way with an athleisure outfit. Glamour magazine recommends pairing skinny-jean leggings with a traditional track jacket. Tie a plaid flannel around your waste, throw on your favorite sneakers and pull your hair up into a half-pony.

Accessories: Instead of hauling your books around in a backpack, consider a cute athleisure tote that can be used to carry around your water bottle, touch-up makeup and school necessities. Complete the look with the BABY-G BGA190BC-1B watch so you’ll always know when it’s time to switch classes and prepare for your after-school fitness routine.


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