4 arm candy combos

Arm Candy Combos

Arm Candy Combos

You know what you can never have too many of? Bracelets. They’re a sassy and stylish way to take any outfit to the next level. Here are four arm candy combos to add to your wardrobe:

1. The Bohemian
If you’re feeling like a free spirit, bracelets are an awesome way to make an outfit feel complete. Since the entire bohemian movement is about doing what feels right, you can essentially slide any bangles onto your arm without worrying if they’ll clash.

Some quintessential pieces that you’ll want are bracelets made from earthy materials. Perhaps a leather wrap-around bracelet, or one that’s covered in colorful beads. Charms are adorable and prevalent in many Bohemian fashion magazines, so think about feathers, life quotes, suns, moons and other funky adornments. The look is so casual, you can even sport your BABY-G watch amongst the bangles.

2. Prim and proper
Perhaps you’re heading out for a night on the town. You know the drill: dinner, drinks and, of course, dancing. You’ve got on your little black dress and your sexiest stilettos. You can’t quite get away with just any jewelry, so you’ve got to coordinate.

Jazz up your forearms with some classic pieces. Solid silver and gold bangles combined with a few studded-jewel pieces can make you look dressy and stylish. If you want to give a little edge to your blazer, wear a few of your rhinestone bracelets that’ll add a nice focal point to the outfit.

3. The fitness buff
So you’re the type of woman who works out and isn’t afraid to show it. While it’d be nice to go from ultra glam to exercise attire, you know “ain’t nobody got time for that.” So you find your happy medium, and that’s where arm candy works its magic.

Choose pieces that are durable enough to wear while you exercise. Find a select few that won’t fall apart if you get a little sweat on them. Maybe you’ll incorporate some elastic arm bands into the mix. This is the prime option to let your BABY-G watch shine. Strap that baby on and show the world that can you pull off sporty and cutting-edge all in the same look.

4. Wedding worthy
The time has finally come. You’re going to be in your best friend’s wedding. First this one and then more and more. It’s a gradual thing that happens to most everyone in their 20s and 30s. Since you’re going to want to look your finest at all of these functions – after all, your ex-lovers might be there – especially if you’re in the wedding, and your whole outfit is already chosen for you.

Align your style with that of the brides – it’s her day. If she has a church service, go for some pearls and lacy arm bands. If she’s a rock and roll kind of gal, you can easily pull off one of the unconventional wedding looks by following the aforementioned styles.


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