3 ways to wear wedges

3 ways to wear wedges

3 ways to wear wedges

The weather is warmer, and as the sun comes out to play, it’s time to bust out your favorite pair of wedges to rock around town. These shoes are the perfect ornament for your summer style, whether you’re going to the beach, hitting the mall with your friends or reading a book in the shade. When sporting these versatile pumps, consider three ways people are wielding their wedges this season:

Abide by the three C’s
Capris. Crop top. Curls.

These are the only three ingredients you need to create the essential wedge-ready outfit. Perfect for basking in the sun or remaining indoors, pairing your wedges with a high-waisted pair of capris or cuffed pants is a great combination for those summer days. Top the look off with a crop top and loose curls and you’ll have everyone on the block watching as you walk by.

Rock the pastels
Pastels are big this season – as the perfect hues of spring . Follow in the footsteps of celebs and rock a pair of pastel colored high-waisted shorts along with a bright white shirt. Alternatively, mix the colors up – wear white shorts with pastel blazer or off the shoulder top. Don’t forget to wear wedges that feature one or more of these colors, as well.

Stick with the simple things
Instead of going overboard finding articles of clothing to accompany your wedges, keep the look light. Wear a solid colored dress, like a pink frock, and opt for one piece of jewelry around the neck to add a bit of flair. Be sure to select a pair of wedges that will look best with a simple BABY-G BG169G-7 watch and colorful gown.


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