15 ways to rock a flannel

Autumn is the perfect time to rock the flannel, and there are so many ways to do so.

Autumn is the perfect time to rock the flannel, and there are so many ways to do so.

Between pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires and cozy weather, there are dozens of reasons to get excited for fall. And let’s not forget the latest trends in fashion – autumn is the perfect time to rock the flannel, and there are so many ways to do so.

Here are 15 ways to wear your favorite flannel this season:

1. Wear it simple
A red plaid top, skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers make a simple yet stylish fashion statement.

2. Tie it around your waist
Rock the 90s look and tie your flannel around your waist. Complete the outfit with a boyfriend tee and black leggings.

3. Rock it over a sundress
Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your sundresses! Just layer on your favorite flannel and tie it at the front.

4. Tuck it into a skirt
For a casual yet classy look, suggested tucking your flannel into an a-line skirt.

5. Wear it with khakis
Flannels aren’t just for jeans. Wear a plaid button-down to work with a pair of skinny khakis.

6. Layer it over a printed top
Glamour magazine suggested layering a printed top over your plaid for added texture. Just be sure to keep the palette neutral so it’s not an overwhelming outfit.

7. Bundle it with a cozy vest
On the colder days, layer it with a sleeveless puffy vest.

8. Unbutton it over a crop top
On the warmer fall days, wear it over a crop top.

9. Pair it with a statement T-shirt
Make a stylish statement by pairing your flannel with an oversized graphic tee.

10. Make it work appropriate
The Huffington Post suggested turning an oversized flannel into a work-appropriate dress by tightening the waist with a stylish belt.

11. Use it as a jacket
Don’t use your fall jacket on the warmer days. Instead, grab that flannel!

12. Glam it up with fur vest
Faux fur is so in, and it goes well with just about any colored flannel in your closet.

13. Wear it with leather
Leather is another great texture that wears well against flannel, whether it’s a jacket, skirt or pair of boots you’re choosing to wear.

14. Try it with shorts
Flannels don’t have to be worn with pants. You can still get a few days out of your favorite high-waisted denim shorts, and they go so well with any plaid shirt.

15. Find a flannel dress
If you can swing it, rock a plaid gown to school and turn heads in the hallway.

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