Wash Your Hair This Frequently


How Often to Shampoo


Any gal into fitness knows that working out, running and getting sweaty means that she has to hop into the shower on a regular basis. Ladies with cropped locks can be more lax when it comes to how often they wash their hair, but what  should long-haired lasses do? There are varying thoughts on the matter, which is why it can be best to compile tips from a range of sources for a more complete picture on optimal hair-washing frequency.

Just don’t go overboard
According to the New York Times, people wash their hair too many times each week. The source cites one expert who lathers up twice a week, and uses dry shampoo in the meantime. Using shampoo and conditioner can strip the hair of its natural oils, which means it feels  drier, giving you the urge to wash more often. If you have to at least go through the motions, the source suggests opting for only conditioner most days, and  using shampoo no more than twice a week.

On the other hand, an opinion presented in an article on said that you should trust yourself. When you feel like your head is getting rather…ripe, it is certainly time to stick your head under the shower. Those who like to work out might want to heed corroborating advice from , which suggested that simply rinsing your head and scalp can help you to feel fresh; soap is not always necessary. So just as you clock your workout times with your BABY-G watch, try and clock your shower time and see how much quicker you can get ready in the morning without  having to reach for the shampoo.

It all depends on the length and type
Long, thick and curly hair? It’s probably going to look better if you wash it occasionally. Teen Vogue said that you should be honest with yourself and your hair type – any questions, check with your stylist. – but if you have fine, thin hair that trends toward the greasy, you may want to wash it more often. If you’re active and use a lot of product, once- or twice-weekly washings will not be enough to fully clean your hair.Across the board, using conditioner is key for great a great mane , particularly if it is fine, colored or bleached, noted the source.

While it seems like there is a lot of different advice out there, you should “listen to you hair” and wash your hair as often as you think it needs, but err on the side of caution. Lathering up every day is not ideal, but if it works for you, why not?

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