Use your blush all year ’round

Use your blush all year 'round

Use your blush all year 'round

Roses are red and your cheeks can be too this spring. Many people consider this time of year to be all about bronzer, gearing up for those summer months, and while having a nice tan is certainly a perk that comes with a steady stream of sunshine, you don’t have to forsake your blush until autumn rolls around again. However, when your skin is naturally luminous already, you should approach the application of this makeup product a little differently. Check below for a few tips to keep your blush in season all year ’round:

Use it to enhance bronzer
If you’ve never used a highlighter, now is the time to experiment. Blush can be used as a natural highlighter to keep your complexion glistening and radiant when it’s tanned. Make sure that you’re using a product that has light opacity so your skin’s natural glow still shines through. After considering your face shape, apply the product where you would a bronzer, but with a lighter hand. For example, if you’re used to sweeping product across your brow, the apples of your cheeks and your temples for a sun-kissed glow, do the same with a blush, especially if it has its own built-in shimmer.

Add it to your eyes
Products don’t go dormant just because the seasons change. Any makeup product with a good, solid pigment can be used anywhere, and blushes make excellent eye shadows. If you’re looking for a soft glow, throw on a sweep of your favorite blush across your eyelids. Top it off with the BABY-G BG169G-7 watch with a hint of pink to pull the colors together, and voila! You’ve created a simple look and have extended the use of your makeup throughout the year. If you’re worried about the color falling out at all, try applying an eye primer first.


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