Upgrade your lip color

Upgrade your lip color

Upgrade your lip color

When you’re trying to find the right shade to pucker up with, try to look at what’s going on around your lips. The bright, bold color you picked for winter might have worked with your skin tone before it was sun-kissed, but now that you’ll likely be spending a lot more time outside, you should consider updating your lipstick collection.

As far as beauty trends go, deciding on which lip color works best can be a delicate process. Too bright, and you’ll look washed out, whereas a shade that’s deep and bold could make you seem a little green around the edges. As you shop around to find the best fit, see if any of these upcoming trends will work for you:

Bright, bold pink
Pantone called this year Radiant Orchid, suggesting that shades of purples and pinks will rank high in fashion and style – and they were right. Harpers Bazaar highlighted one of Rihanna’s signature looks – a fabulous, bold pink with a glossy finish. Look around for a similar shade to keep up with the trend.

Deep, bold purple
Not too far from the color wheel, another blazing hot trend cropping up this season is a nod to traditional dark – but with a purple twist. Rather than going with a deep red or a bold brown, try to mix things up with a purple that verges on black. This look would look especially great paired with the BABY-G 111-1A watch and a pair of dark wash jeans for casual occasions.

Don’t forget the nude
This trend may never fade, as it’s so chic for every skin tone. If you’re hoping for a more toned-down flair, opt for a shade that almost matches the natural color of your lips to create a refined, flawless look. Nude lipsticks a shade or two lighter or darker are also chic, especially for dressy casual situations that don’t necessarily call for a lot of glam.


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