Try out that bright lipstick

Go on...try out a bright lipstick. You may be surprised.

Go on...try out a bright lipstick. You may be surprised.


There are times when subdued makeup is probably better: University, the family reunion (unless you really want to be memorable), that internship interview, a first date, your little brother’s music recital … we think you get the idea. But there are other times when playing with makeup can be a ton of fun. Let’s just say, that’s most of the time. Many people feel more comfortable highlighting their eyes – after all, those peepers can be your best feature, but also, it’s a bit more difficult to make a mess of eye makeup.

But what about lipstick? You can grab a color to match any BABY-G watch, or you can go beyond and snag a deep purple shade. Here are some tips on how to be bold and bright and wear a standout color on your lips.

Consider your skin tone
When you pick out a bright lip color, you want it to look classy. Halloween comes once a year, and there are ways a brightly painted pout can look fashionable rather than costume-like. One way is to consider your skin tone and find a complementary shade. For example, Refinery29 suggested that those with darker skin tones opt for a warmer orange shade to make their lips pop, while those with fair skin can really rock a bold, fiery red shade. At the end of the day, it is up to your personal preference, but the best way to look classy in bright lipstick is to ensure that it favors what nature gave you.

It’s all about the hair
According to Glamour magazine, different lip shades can suit different hair colors. The source looked at how the rich and famous wear bold and brilliant makeup. Blonde like Nicole Kidman? Shoot for a glossy, classic red pout. If you are complected like Gal Gadot with dark hair, try out a deep burgundy lip color. And for those that have the hair of Lupita Nyong’o, a hot, neon and truly eighties-inspired pink will look all kinds of amazing.

Don’t match your outfit
Gone are the days of perfectly matching nails and twinsets, here are the days of bold lip colors standing out against the backdrop of a dramatic pattern. It might look artsy to pair hot pink lips with a bright yellow shirt, so if that look is what your heart desires then go for it. Allure presented one photograph of a woman in an eye-catching black and gold-patterned dress. Her lip color was a deep burgundy, almost purple and it, curiously, complemented the unusual material. For that runway- or New York Fashion Week-inspired look, choose unique patterns and find a lip color that will add a bit of class, like the deeper jewel tone. An added bonus of selecting a wine-like shade? The source said it makes teeth appear brighter.

The next time your favorite lipstick runs out, maybe think about deviating from that tried-and-true shade. You may not wear it at every occasion, but when you do, you might just make a great statement.

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