There’s a no shampoo movement – Is your hair ready?

Your hair doesn't need your help.

Your hair doesn't need your help.

You’ve heard the buzz regarding the no shampoo movement, but for some, the thought of skipping a daily shampoo doesn’t seem like an effective beauty tip. But get this: Your hair doesn’t need your help. In most cases of the “no poo method,” less really is more.

The no poo movement
Hair stylists will say they’ve been advocating for this movement for a while, but according to the No Poo Method website, people were recommended to only wash their hair once a month in the 1800s. But, as new shampoos were developed, that frequency increased to twice a week. And now here we are, shampooing a good five out of seven days. Although shampoo formulas claim to be gentle on your hair, many women – and even some of your favorite celebrities – have jumped on the no poo movement bandwagon on a quest for healthier hair.

Your hair contains natural oil that helps balance itself, but that oil tends to build up after exercising, styling or just from the daily grind which is why you wash regularly, explained the source. However, frequent washing removes those oils leaving your hair to fend for itself. The no poo movement restores your hair back to its original state by using natural ingredients that clean, but don’t damage. Some of these natural cleaners include baking soda, apple cider vinegar or even just water.

Is it for everyone?
Not necessarily, explained Dr. Angela Lamb to CBS News.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. It all depends on your hair type. There are some hair types that would tolerate it better than others,” said Dr. Lamb.

Women with sensitive scalps tend to see a negative response from the lack of shampooing, CBS added. The scalp needs to be cleaned of oil, dead skin cells and sweat or dirt, so sensitive scalps are at more risk for irritation or even infections.

Health magazine reported that a radio host in Sydney, Australia covered a story about a man who hadn’t washed his hair in over a decade. The station then challenged listeners to ditch shampoo for six weeks. More than 500 people to the challenge and about 86 percent of them said their hair was either better or the same as a result. You can’t hurt your hair by trying this technique, so if you’re interested just give it a go!

Giving it a try
First, consider your hair type, because some really do benefit from a daily wash. Dr. Nicole Rogers spoke with Health magazine about what different hair types can expect. She explained that dry or damaged hair typically benefits from the no poo movement because it restores the natural oils that have been stripped away. This includes people who color treat or relax their hair because it’s more porous, said Dr. Rogers. Thicker hair also tends to look better without a regular washing, whereas thin, straight hair will show the oil build up.

When you get started, the No Poo Method explained that your hair will produce less oil so you will probably have to go through a couple of days, or even weeks in some cases, of greasy looking hair. Just start when you have some time off or throw your hair into a cute updo until you’re comfortable. But don’t worry, your hair will find the natural balance of oil and make your hair fuller and softer than ever. The source suggested simply brushing your hair to help distribute the oil that has built up around the follicles, and that shouldn’t be too hard. Overall, the no poo method can save your daily beauty routine a ton of time – just check the BABY-G BA110CA-4A watch as you get ready to  prove that – and give you better hair by doing less.


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