The basics of body glitter

The Basics of Body Glitter

The Basics of Body Glitter

There are several accessories that can work wonders for any ensemble. Body glitter is a favorite among many girls, as it not only comes in a variety of hues and shapes, but it can also match any piece from your wardrobe with ease. Whether you’re sprinkling some glitter on the nape of your neck or adding some sparkle to your toenails, there are many ways to rock this versatile cosmetic.

Body glitter is a fun, flirty and simple option for any outfit, but it can quickly become a hassle if not applied properly. Improperly applying body glitter can lead to a goopy and scattered mess, not to mention a hot one if your application gets too excessive. If you’re searching for the best ways to use body glitter, consider the following before busting out the sparkles.

Sophisticated sheen for your nails
If you’re looking for a more refined way to rock body glitter, consider sprinkling it on your nails. Apply a base layer of clear nail polish, then top with your desired shade. Opt for a lighter color, as it will accentuate the varying hues of your glitter. While the polish is still wet, use your fingers to gently coat the nail with glitter. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to remove excess glitter or create a desired pattern. Once the layer has dried, coat with two more layers of clear polish to set the look in place.

Accentuating the right spots
If you’ve purchased a body glitter roll, there are certain spots on your body that are best suited for application. While you may be tempted to place glitter over the arms, chest and neck, this may lead to glitter overload and create a cluttered look. Instead of rubbing glitter all over, stick to the spots that will best accentuate your features. Placing a small streak of glitter right under your cheek bones is ideal, as it can easily blend with your blush and highlight your natural beauty. Be careful when applying to your face, as too much glitter may have the opposite effect. Use a large blush brush to sweep away any excess glitter.

A glint on your gloss
For the more adventurous fashionista, there are ways to implement your glitter into your gloss. Pick a flirty shade – like a hue that will match your BABY-G BA110-7A3 watch – and get to work. In a small makeup container, pour a bit of your favorite gloss. If your product comes from a tube, use a cotton swab to remove the makeup. Place a bit of body glitter in the container and use a makeup brush to combine the items. Apply a light layer of lip gloss from its original tube to your pout, then use the brush to apply the glitter mix. Add one more layer of normal gloss and you’re ready to go.

Avoiding abundance
While body glitter can be a great way to glam up your ensemble, it’s easy to go overboard with this seemingly simple cosmetic. There are ways to wear body glitter with class, but don’t integrate more than one method for a given outfit. For example, if you’re rocking glitter on your nails, don’t place it on your neck and eyes as well. Using too much glitter can quickly turn your outfit from tasteful to tacky, especially if you’re sporting sparkly clothing or jewelry.


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