Summer ’16 makeup trends

There are plenty of summer makeup trends you can rock that will make you look fierce, fun and fresh.

There are plenty of summer makeup trends you can rock that will make you look fierce, fun and fresh.

While high fashion style is bold and sophisticated, it’s usually not for everyday wear. But there are still plenty of summer makeup trends you can rock that will make you look fierce, fun and fresh.

1. Colorful liner
Forget the black and start thinking about color. A bright, colorful liner on both the bottom and top lash lines will define your eyes while making them pop. Allure recommended a cobalt liner similar to that used by makeup artist Lucia Pieroni. The bold blue is dramatic and beautiful, but test different colors and find what works best for you!

2. Sunset eye shadow
Color doesn’t stop at your liner this summer. Lloyd Simmonds’ “70s tropical eyes,” documented by Cosmopolitan, involves stripes of colorful shadows blended in the middle. You can skip the lipstick or choose something pale, but a pink blush is a good way to complete this look while keeping the focus on your eyes.

3. Faux freckles
Heavy cover up is out and freckles are in – even faux freckles for those lacking the beauty specks. There are many ways to apply freckles, ranging from pencils and powders to eyebrow brushes and more. Seventeen even introduced a kit that applies natural looking freckles like temporary tattoos, and they last for two days! Whatever method you choose, faux freckles make for a natural, flirty addition to your sun-kissed summer skin.

4. “Non-touring”
Contouring videos continue to span the internet, but nobody wants all that makeup weighing her down in the summer heat. So this summer, try “non-touring”, a trend that is daylight friendly and so simple. Marie Claire outlined the three straightforward steps: start with a primer that is right for your skin, apply a tinted moisturizer, then highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and brow bones – the places light would naturally hit. Easy as that, you have soft, glowing skin.

5. Rich lipstick
In addition to classic pinks and reds, dark and rich lip colors are in. Allure suggested colors like chestnut and burgundy this summer to really make a statement. Bold lips can really play up the rest of your makeup, but they can also do fine on their own. Add clear lip gloss on top to really make your lips the center of attention.

6. Glitter
Calling all Ke$ha lovers – now is your time because glitter is so in, according to Marie Claire. Glitter tears are one way to go, sticking sparkles to your moisturizer beneath your bottom lashes. Or you can go with the glitter wings. Start with applying wings with liquid black eye liner, and then use a waterproof gel to fasten loose glitter along and around the line. Add some extra glam on the outer edge of your bottom lashes for the perfect, fun summertime look.

You don’t have to stop creating these great looks just because summer’s over. Practice applying these trends by timing yourself with the BABY-G BA110GA-1A watch. That way, you’ll have your routine down just in time for school to begin!


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