Sleek short hairstyles to rock

Sleek short hairstyles to rock

Sleek short hairstyles to rock

2015 is the year of the short cut, as many celebrities and style icons have stepped out with shorter tresses during the summer months. Chopping your locks may be scary for some, but there are several styles that may be perfect for when you finally decided to take the plunge.

Perfect pixie
From Kaley Cuoco to Shailene Woodley, many of Hollywood’s hottest are stepping out with Tinkerbell-esque pixies this season. Both cuts are much shorter than either actress has been seen rocking in the past, but they are two great looks to copy when crafting your perfect ‘do. One cut to consider is the bang-heavy approach, much in the style of Cuoco. Opt for a style that will allow your bangs to sweep to the side instead of fall to the front. By keeping your hair a bit longer in the front, this opens your options for styling as well, as braids, twists and ties can still be done with this cut.

Pixies are perfect for warmer weather, but can accentuate your fall and winter wardrobes as well. When the leaves start to turn, be sure to pair your pixie with a colorful Infiniti scarf and skinny jeans. Pick your best pair of pumps and your BABY-G  BGA171-1B watch and you’ve got the ideal ensemble for a brisk fall evening.

For those who want the best of both worlds, consider the midi-bob. This style is typically paired with medium-length hair and features an angled cut from the back to the front. It resembles the traditional short bob, but extends much longer. Much like the longer pixie, this cut allows you a greater deal of freedom when it comes to styling. Consider pairing the midi-bob with a Taylor Swift-esque hairband and bangs brushed to the side for a truly sleek look.


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