Skip the coffee: 5 alternatives for jump starting your morning

How to Skip Coffee

How to Skip Coffee

Your hair may be perfect and your outfit cutting edge, but if you’re tired and dragging in the morning, your look is going to be less than impressive. Coffee may be an easy solution, but the high levels of caffeine can lead to a harsh crash by early afternoon. And while makeup can hide dark circles, it can’t cover up your tired eyes and stifled yawns. What’s a busy girl to do?

Your morning routine likely already contains a specific beauty regimen, so do yourself a favor and add an energy kick start before you style your hair and put on your makeup. These five options will help you to energize your body so that you can start your day feeling and looking your best.

1. Soak in the sun
If you want to start your morning out energized, begin by drawing up your blinds. Michael Terman, Ph.D., author of Reset Your Inner Clock, told Women’s Health magazine that natural light tells your internal clock that it’s time to start your day. Letting in sunlight will help wake up your body, energizing your morning. If it’s cloudy or you have to wake up before the sunrise, turn on a light when you wake up to simulate the sun.

2. Sip a cup of tea
Want to give up coffee without skipping caffeine completely? Try sipping on a cup of tea instead. In addition to providing a low to medium amount of caffeine, Harvard Medical school reported that certain substances in tea have been linked to a reduced risk for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Green tea is a great choice if you just want a little bit of a boost. White or black are better if you need some extra energy to start your morning.

3. Stretch with some yoga
Yoga is another great way to begin your morning. Warming up your body in the beginning of the day with a few of your favorite poses helps to naturally release endorphins, yoga instructor Desiree Bartlett told SELF magazine. Set the timer on the BABY-G BGA210-7B2 watch for ten minutes and energize with some stretches.

4. Sweat in the morning
Not a yoga person? Insert your own exercise of choice for a similar effect. Getting your heart pumping in the morning will help give you energy for the rest of the day, no coffee involved. The exercise will also keep your heart healthy and help maintain your weight. Morning exercise is a win-win when it comes to your health.

5. Snack on
If you want to start your day out right, don’t forget a balanced breakfast. According to Prevention magazine, your energy reserves can be depleted by as much as 80 percent from the previous night. That means that it’s important to fuel your body when you wake up in the morning. Without fuel, you won’t have energy for the day. Choose something with plenty of fiber and protein to help keep hunger pangs at bay until it’s time for lunch.


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