Quick fixes to your most annoying beauty blunders

Pencils and petroleum jelly for the win.

Pencils and petroleum jelly for the win.

Is your day ruined because your pants are too long? Or because your favorite shirt shrank in the dryer? There are so many little things that can go wrong in the name of beauty – but the good news is you don’t have to be a passive victim. Get your beauty back and don’t let the little snags in life get you down. No need to check your BABY-G BG169G-1 watch, you have the time for these quick remedies!

Check out this list of annoying beauty blunders that actually have a quick fix:

1. Run in your tights
Some tights are made to look distressed, but these aren’t those tights. You know if you don’t fix this it will only get worse. Glamour magazine has the solution for you. Either apply clear nail polish on the run or use on some hairspray to harden the material. Beauty helping beauty!

2. Pants are too long
You don’t have to take them to the tailor or let them drag on the ground – simply try the cuff and tape method. Who What Wear explained that cuffing is in, and if need be, slap some double sided tape on there to keep the cuffs in place.

3. Shoes are too tight
Blisters beware. If you know your new shoes are going to be troublesome, put on a pair of socks and wear them as you get ready in the morning. Before you leave, WWW said all you have to do is point the hair dryer at the heel and you should be good to go.

4. Static galore 
Sometimes static makes it feel like your fabric has a mind of its own – but it actually doesn’t, so it’s easy to get it under control. Glamour explained that all you have to do is wet your hand and run it over your skin to help defuse the cling. You can also use hairspray to manage the static.

5. Stubborn zipper
Sometimes your zipper just needs a little extra love before it will budge. Try rubbing some lip balm or petroleum jelly on it – should be smooth zippering after that.

6. Shoe scuffs 
Are your patent leather shoes looking like they’ve been side swiped? Just dab a Q-tip in some petroleum jelly and rub the scuff away, reported the Gloss.

Don’t use this on your suede shoes though – for suede scuffs, use a pencil eraser.

7. Bra underwire 
You know what the treacherous stab of an underwire feels like. Et tu, bralette? Fortunately your wound isn’t fatal, and can actually be fixed with a bandage. Just place it over the exposed wire and you should be good to continue ruling your empire.

8. Slippery sleeves
Don’t fuss with having to push your sleeves back up your shoulders every time it slips down. Instead, use double-sided tape to hold them in place. You can also purchase beauty tape that’s specifically meant to keep fabric in its place.

9. Loose button string
Clear nail polish helps give everything a good finish, doesn’t it? It worked for your tights, why wouldn’t it work for your button strings too?

10. Clothes shrinkage 
This won’t work for that wool sweater from Scotland you shrank because you accidentally threw it in the drier, unfortunately. But it will work for those T-shirts turned crop tops. The Gloss explained that all you have to do is put some conditioner on your shirt and then soak it in hot water. Science should restore it back to its original size.


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