Pick the right foundation with these tricks

Foundation tricks

Foundation tricks

If you plan to spend any time outside, chances are, your skin will start to change. Tans are possible even when you’re wearing an SPF, and when this happens, it can only mean one thing – your foundation is about to need a seasonal update. Picking the right shade for you is always a matter of testing out different products, and whether you’re satisfied with liquid or are leaning toward a powder formula, the first – and arguably, the most important – part about this process is identifying the right color.

Do the three-spot trick
Before you just go one number higher in your favorite foundation, take a few minutes to spot test the color on your skin. Some brands adjust the undertone of their formulas with each increasing number, rather than the shade, and unless you dutifully check out whether you have the right color, you could leave the store with something too orange, pink or something in between.

Instead of taking that risk, make a stripe of your top three choices on your inner jaw line and then give them a moment or two to adjust. Then, in a good light, decide which one is the best fit. If you’ve found the right one, you’ll be able to tell immediately as the stripe will seem to have disappeared completely.

In a pinch, use your wrist
Sometimes, you just don’t have time to reapply your foundation after a spot test, and if you’re certain you know that your favorite brand uses an escalating scale, go ahead and remove your BABY-G BA110-7A3 watch to spot test on your wrist instead. If the formula successfully matches you here, it’s a fair estimation that it will come close to matching your face. When in doubt, give yourself a test spot on your neck, right below your jaw, to be sure.


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