Nail art to look for

Nail art to look out for

Nail art to look out for

Let’s face it – if your nails aren’t painted, you’re deciding not to take advantage of an extremely versatile accessory. With the right ideas and a little fashion-forward intuition, you can add that final touch of style on every outfit with just a careful sweep of a nail polish brush. Don’t let what you might think you know about nail art fool you into thinking you can only use one solid color combination, either – there’s an array of options at your disposal, and according to Nails Magazine, it’s easier than it might seem to stay trendy.

A return to the ’90s
The world was awash in vibrant colors in the ’90s, from animal stripes to graffiti-inspired splash art, and according to the source, these looks are coming back full tilt on the canvass of your nails. If you’re a fan of in-your-face design, why not put your style to the test by creating a throwback look to honor the ’90s? It can be as simple as a few mismatched patterns, such as a checkerboard on one finger and a giraffe spot on another, or as complex as a piece of street art you’d find on the side of an abandoned building. When there are very few rules, the sky is the limit!

Futuristic manicure
As time ticks forward, the things we take for granted begin to change. That doesn’t mean you can’t return to the past, however. You can still buy an analog watch, like the BABY-G BGA131-3B, even with the digital watch craze sweeping the globe. This next trend blends the old with the new with that concept in mind. Nails Magazine calls it a “hologram” effect. Essentially, the manicurist uses colors and foils in such a way that your nails begin to take on an optical illusion. The coolest part of this look is that it can look good with any outfit. No matter what you’re wearing, your nails will stand on their own, making them the best possible accessory.


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