Is your eyeliner acting up?

Is your eyeliner acting up?

Is your eyeliner acting up?

Eyeliner is a fickle thing. When it’s cold out, you might notice that your eyes tend to eat away at the pigment, forcing you to reapply every so often throughout the day to keep a nice, solid look. In warmer weather, some eyeliners can run when they mix with your natural oils. What’s a girl to do? Although the option to not wear any liner at all is always there, rather than giving up on one of your favorite beauty products, try out some of the following techniques to keep your makeup in place – no matter the season:

Powder liners for warmer months
Kohl pencils and liquid options are good for colder times of the year, but if the warmer months make you more prone to oily skin, you might consider trying a powder liner instead. If you’ve never tried it, the application process is pretty simple. With a liner brush or the wand it comes with, just draw the line the same way you would a pencil.

Use a shadow primer
Believe it or not, eyeshadow primers are just as important for eyeliner as they are for the rest of your smoky eye. Think of these products as a way to preempt any movement in the pigment. When you wear a foundation primer, for instance, the goal is to prevent your face from sliding around and to give your skin an extra protective layer between you and the makeup. The same goes for eyeshadow primers. It won’t be easy for your liner to move if it’s being held in place by this product.

Feel free to switch up your look throughout the day
Sometimes, you just can’t help but touch up your makeup after a while. If you glance down at your BABY-G BA110-7A and notice that an entire day has gone by since you put on your face, it might be time to give yourself a few extra minutes of primping time.


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