How to get rid of frizzy hair this spring

Don't let frizz get you down.

Don't let frizz get you down.

First it’s hot, then it’s cold – one minute it’s rainy and the next it’s clear skies. All these weather changes have left your hair in a frizzy mess. Spring has always been temperamental, and it’s not going to stop – so you have to learn what you can do to fight the frizzy fight!

Check out these different ways you can combat frizz this spring:

1. Cut back on your shampoo.
Allure magazine explained that when things start to get extra frizzy, you should actually shampoo less. This is because your hair is really good at regulating itself – it has natural oils that take care of the flyaways, but when you shampoo, you wash them away. Try washing only a couple times a week, and use dry shampoo when you’re feeling extra greasy.

But don’t skimp on the conditioner.
Shampoo less, yes, but condition more, said Cosmopolitan magazine. Conditioning puts moisture back into your locks, otherwise your hair will get thirsty and go looking for a drink. This is how your hair gets frizzy in the first place. The source suggested finding a conditioner with hydrating ingredients like glycerin or shea butter and to apply it in the middle of your head, down to your ends. Steer clear of the roots to avoid the grease.

2. Consider a mixed bristle brush.
The type of brush you use matters, reported Cosmo. A round, mixed bristle brush – aka the brush with boar bristles and plastic spokes – does wonders for your hair. When used with a little bit of product, the different bristles work together to open up your hair’s cuticle and let in the product to give it some extra moisture and less frizz.

3. Avoid blow-drying for as long as possible.
If you have thick hair you know it can be a rather tedious process to blow-dry it out. Fortunately, Cosmo came up with a solution – just wait until it’s almost dry before you put the heat to your hair. Prolonged heat on your locks dries it out and makes it fizzy, so wait until it’s about 90 percent dry so your hair has enough time to soak up the moisture.

But don’t towel dry either. 
Towel-drying just messes with the hair’s cuticle, making it stand up instead of lying flat, reported Allure.

4. Rock a hat.
If you’re having a particularly frizzy day, be bold and make a statement with a hat. Not only will it hide your frizz, but it’ll also make you look like a total fashionista. Make sure your outfit is on-point, otherwise people might be confused by a hat and athleisure combo. Pair your hat with some of your favorite accessories, like your Baby-G black series watch.

5. Pull off the perfect up-do.
Now is your time to perfect your up-do skills. Latest-Hairstyles explained that side braids and braided buns are the latest trend on fashion runways, so it’s a style worth incorporating into your everyday look as well. Of course, if you don’t want too much effort, the high and slightly messy ponytail look is always in. This look actually encourages your extra frizz!

But don’t forget your back-up arsenal. 
Just in case your day doesn’t go as perfectly as planned, don’t leave the house without your extra bobby pins. Cosmo explained that serums don’t hold flyaway frizz down, so you’ll have to resort to your trusty bobby pins and travel-sized hairspray. You’ll be ready if you see a misplaced hair – just pin, sprits, pat and continue on with your day.

6. Don’t do anything.
Just leave your hair as-is! You have beautiful natural hair, so why not show it off?

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