Go glam with glitter

Go glam with glitter

Go glam with glitter

Through all the fads and beauty trends that have hit the ground running over the years, nothing has had the staying power like glitter. No matter what you think about this form of self-expression, there’s no denying its ubiquity in the world of fashion. Look around you for proof. Sequins, for example, are just big pieces of glitter stuck to clothing, and who hasn’t seen a pair of fabulous shoes that made disco look like it’s making a comeback?

If you’re just warming up to the idea of adding a little shimmer to your style, read on for a few tips on how to go glitter glam without going overboard:

Rock glitter nail art
If you haven’t seen long, beautiful nails bedazzled in sparkles, you’re in for a treat. If done tastefully, a basic French manicure can come to life with just a light dusting of colored glitter. With a specially designed top coat nail glue, coat the area of your nails that will receive the shine. Then, dust on the glitter with another brush. Finish it off with a top coat for a look that will light up in the sun. Another tip – if your original nail art chips, add a coat of glitter polish to make it seem like it never happened.

Go bolder with glitter eyes
Every makeup artist knows that true high-fashion style is augmented by glitter, but even if you’re not about to step out on the runway, a little extra shine can be a fun way to spruce up a dull look. Glitter eyeliners, for example, are quick and easy, and they can be as subtle as a black liner infused with gold flecks or as elaborate as a purple formula loaded with silver sparkles. Just grab the matching BABY-G BGA153-1B watch and an equally stylish bag to rock this look all day long.


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