Dos and don’ts: How to keep your nails strong and healthy


Do and Dont's for Nails


You’ve been there: Constantly filling in your acrylic nails or getting your gel polished professional removed only to slather on a new coat or set, which prevents your natural nails from seeing the light of day. But you’re finally ready to give your real ones a shot – the only problem? They’ve gone through a serious beating and could use some TLC.

Bouncing back from an acrylic nightmare may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. You can resurrect your natural nails into the healthiest set you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Just follow these tips:


Keep your hands clean
First things first: Good Housekeeping magazine said regularly washing your hands to ensure your nails are free of dirt is the most important step for reviving your natural nails. For a deep cleanse, Dr. Ava Shamban told the source to exfoliate your fingertips using a toothbrush and soap. It’s a simple and natural way to remove dead skin and dirt without the use of harmful chemicals.

Hydrate your hands – and your nails
You know that keeping your hands moisturized will keep your skin smooth and supple, but your nails deserve hydration as well. Self magazine recommended rubbing your cuticles with a moisturizer that’s loaded with vitamin E to keep your nails from looking rough.

Wear gloves while you clean
When your nails are exposed to cleansing chemicals, they’re more likely to become brittle and discolored. Wear gloves when you’re washing the dishes, scouring the bathtub or wiping down the countertops to ensure the strength of your nails.

Clip them regularly

Sure, you’re trying to revive your healthy nails so you don’t have to resort to long, fake ones anymore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cut them. Trimming your nails regularly is just as important as getting a haircut on a normal occasion, according to what dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky shared with Good Housekeeping. Start by cutting them at least every other week.


Bite your nails
Whether it’s something you do out of nervousness or boredom, you need to avoid biting your nails. Kimmie Kyees told The Huffington Post that this bad habit can ruin the renewal of your natural nails:

“Biting nails or being too aggressive when cleaning out under the nail can create stress fractures on the corners of the edges and eventually cause breaks,” she said.

Touch the top of your nails too vigorously
Kyees shared that being too rough to the top of your nails can damage them as well.

“Also, rubbing the top of your nails – it’s a nervous habit some women have and it may cause severe ridges in the top of the nail,” she said.

File your nails after you shower
You might be inclined to be productive and pluck your eyebrows, moisturize your body and file your nails when you get out of the shower, but you need to resist the last task. Self magazine said your nails are weakest after being immersed in the hot water and steam, so they’ll more likely to break as you file them.

Forget to apply a base coat
If you’re doing your own nails in the comfort of your own home, you can’t forget to apply a base coat. It protects your nails from getting stained by your polish color. For even more protection, remember to finish your nails with a top coat of clear gloss or matte finish after applying your color. Just be sure to time it right or you’ll smudge the look. Use the timer on your BABY-G BA120SP-1A to ensure you’re leaving enough time between coats for drying.


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