Don’t neglect your nails

Don't Neglect Your Nails

Don't Neglect Your Nails

Eyeliner, mascara and blush, oh my! With so many different ways to express yourself through makeup, your face becomes the canvas on which a work of art can be created. From your lips to your hair, every feature can be augmented and transformed, but are you spending enough time on your hands? As your fingers let you interact with the whole world, what better way is there to honor them than by treating them with the same care and attentiveness that you give to your face?

Polish, polish, polish
There are thousands of colors to choose from that will take your hands from bland to fabulous. The beauty of nail polish is that there are very few rules about what looks good or trendy. In fact, while there are a few distinct styles for you to consider, such as French tips and graphic designs, the sky is the limit in terms of creativity. Brands like O.P.I. and Formula X are pushing the envelope with state-of-the-art nail effects polishes, as well, giving you a whole new world of opportunities in glitter, neon colors and glow-in-the-dark options.

Go bold
If you’re looking for a style that will give you the most sideways glances, try picking colors that pop and sizzle every time the light hits them. When you’re thinking about going bright, for instance, with a captivating yellow or a fiery red, try taking these colors one step further by finishing them off with a glistening top coat. If you’re worried about matching your nails with your accessories, don’t be – the beauty of nail art is that it’s relatively simple to make something fit. If you’re fond of your BABY-G BGA180-4B4 watch, for instance, try giving yourself an accent nail in a complementary color to match.


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