Beauty tips you might not know

Beauty tips you might not know

Beauty tips you might not know

You may be a makeup pro, but every day, the beauty industry is coming up with unique and innovative ways to make your life easier. From tips for keeping your nails looking perfect to unexpected tricks you never knew you could do with some of your products, take a look at the following ways you can simplify your daily routine:

Build lip volume with just two products
You don’t always need expensive plumpers to make your pout stand out. Draw a nude-colored lip liner just slightly outside the natural curve of your mouth and then apply lipstick as normal. Careful, however – too much of a good thing is very true with this beauty secret.

Prime your … eyes?
You’ve probably used a primer to keep your foundation in place, but few people realize that a similar product exists for your lids. Before you apply a coat of shadow, dab on a primer built for your eyes to keep the color from moving. Not convinced? Try doing a spot test on your wrist, where your BABY-G BG169G-1 watch would normally sit. Brush one swatch of shadow across your bare skin and another overtop a thin layer of primer. Now, wipe them both away. You should see a difference immediately.

Keep your skin soft
As soon as you jump out of the shower or climb out of a pool, throw on a layer of body lotion. Any time you submerge yourself in water, you’re diminishing your skin’s natural oils, which keep your skin smooth.

Replace your mascara
Whether you want to believe it or not, makeup has an expiration date. Mascara, especially, tends to go bad after just a few months. If you’re noticing that your lashes are getting clumpy after just one application, it might be because you’re holding on to a stale product for too long.


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