A step-by-step guide for cleaning your makeup brushes

Believe us - this is not a chore you'll ever want to skip again.

Believe us - this is not a chore you'll ever want to skip again.

You may not think it’s all that important, but cleaning your makeup brushes should be a normal task in your beauty routine. Keeping them clean isn’t only for making them look like new, fresh products. It also minimizes your skins exposure to bacteria, which lessens your chance of breaking out and experiencing a viral infection, according to Bustle. That doesn’t sound like anything your complexion wants to endure.

Believe us – this is not a chore you’ll ever want to skip again. And thankfully, it’s by no means a difficult task. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for cleaning your makeup brushes:

Step 1: Gather your materials
First things first, grab your brushes and cleaning materials. That includes a textured brush cleaning mat, plus a gentle brush shampoo or a homemade mixture of dish soap and extra-virgin olive oil.

Step 2: Dampen the bristles
Next, run the bristles of your brushes under lukewarm water. But be sure not to expose the plastic handle to the moisture, as Good Housekeeping warned that it’ll eventually loosen the glue that keeps the bristles in tact.

Step 3: Give them a cleanse
If you’ve decided to make your own cleanser, Pop Sugar advised to mix two parts dish soap with one part olive oil. Dip your damp brushes into the homemade mixture – or store-bought brush shampoo – and work the bristles into the textured brush cleaning mat. As you scrub, the soapy residue will turn a shade of brown. Continue to work the bristles until the soapy water is back to white foam.

Pro tip: Use the timer on your favorite BABY-G watch to see how long it takes to wash all of your brushes. This will come in handy the next time you need to take on the chore!

Step 4: Rinse the bristles
Once the soapy water looks makeup-free, rinse the brushes under lukewarm water. Continue to do so until the foam is gone.

Step 5: Dry your brushes
Ring the bristles of your brushes out to remove excess moisture. Then, lay your brushes flat on a towel to dry overnight and voila! Clean as new.

See? Washing your brushes isn’t as daunting as you think. Just be sure to repeat the process once a month for clean cosmetics and flawless skin.


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