A girl’s guide to perfect curls

For curls that will stay, make sure that you're using the right product and tools.

For curls that will stay, make sure that you're using the right product and tools.

There’s something to be said about throwing your hair back in a ponytail and heading out the door in minutes, but you can’t always avoid those events that call for a little extra prep work. So when you finally do spend that extra time on your hair, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching those curls fall out an hour or two later.

If you feel like you just have hair that won’t curl, don’t despair! For your next special occasion, use this guide to create beautiful curls that will stay.

Prep for success
First things first: Make sure that you have the right hair cut for curls. If your hair is particularly thick, thinning out your locks beforehand will help keep your curls from falling out. The length can also set you up for failure. If you want to keep your hair long, Allure magazine recommended asking your hair stylist to cut layers at your next appointment.

Before you start curling, put in product to help your hair keep its shape. InStyle magazine recommended creating a base by starting with a volumizing spray or mouse. Apply the product when wet and then blow dry your hair. If you don’t have anything to use, slightly dirty hair will usually hold better than hair that is freshly washed.

If you really have trouble creating curls that stay, Glamour magazine suggested investing in a professional-grade curling iron. The quality will usually run between $30 and $100 and is well worth the investment.

Avoid mistakes
While it’s important to take the proper steps to create your perfect curls, it’s also important to make sure that you’re avoiding mistakes. When using a hot iron, check that your hair is completely dry before you start curling. When using a diffuser or sponge rollers, however, starting with wet hair and drying as you go can actually help the curls stay.

According to Allure magazine, one of the most common mistakes women make when curling their hair is to let the curl drop before it’s set. When using a hot tool, pin the curl to your head in a coil until it cools. Once it’s completely cool, you can release the strand. Be sure that you don’t shake out your curls until they’ve all set completely.

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