9 cost-saving beauty hacks

Winter Beauty Hacks

Winter Beauty Hacks

Everyone wants to hop on the latest beauty trends, but they can be difficult to master or expensive. What if there were simple ways to get the look without blowing your entire paycheck on costly products? Thankfully, there are! Just check out these beauty hacks that will change your life forever:

1. Plump your lips with eye shadow
You don’t need to spend money on lip plumper to get that full pout, according to Minq. Just apply your favorite shade of lipstick, followed by a dab of shimmering eye shadow to the center of your bottom lip. Voila! A luscious look for half the price.

2. Create polka-dotted nails with a bandage
First, apply two coats of nail polish in the shade of your choice and let dry completely. Then, place the end of a small plastic bandage – with holes, of course – to the surface of your nail. Use a contrasting color and paint over the bandage. Carefully remove, let dry and there you have it – perfect polka dots!

3. Make your lashes look fake without the falsies
Instead of spending money on fake lashes – or lash extensions, which can cost a fortune – just try this hack. Simply apply a coat of mascara to your lash sets. Then, dip a cotton swab into baby powder and swipe each single lash from bottom to tip. Apply another coat of mascara and your lashes will look fuller than ever.

4. Say goodbye to split ends
Imagine the amount of money you’d spend if you had to go get a haircut every time you noticed your ends were splitting. Since nobody wants to drain their bank account – or live with split ends – consider this: Just part your hair into small sections. Twist each one tightly, and then use scissors to cut away the dead split ends that are peaking out. You’ll never have to worry about the darn things again!

5. Say hello to perfect winged eyeliner
There’s nothing more annoying than spending too much time in front of the mirror every morning, especially when half of it consists of you trying to perfect your winged eyeliner. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. Just angle a piece of clear adhesive tape and place it so the middle edge sits right at the outer corner of your eye. Use the crease to guide your eyeliner and create the perfect wing.

6. Get the most use out of your makeup in plastic tubes
You’ve been there: The devastating moment when you go to squeeze foundation out of the tube and it’s all out. But is it? Life Hack suggested cutting it open, scooping out the remaining makeup and placing it into a small container. You’d be surprised to find out how much is left over.

7. Make your own lip gloss
The moment when your favorite eye shadow breaks into a dozen pieces can be heartbreaking. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to go in the trash. Just crush the stuff up into a fine powder, then mix it with equal parts petroleum jelly to make your own lip gloss!

8. Wake up with voluminous hair
Washing your hair before bed might save you some time in the morning, but it’s going to make your hair look flatter than a frying pan. If you want to wake up with some volume, just spray some dry shampoo into your roots before you lie down. When you toss and turn at night, the formula will work into your hair and you’ll wake up with tons of body.

9. Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush
Sometimes, even the most cracked, dry lips can’t be saved by lip balm. You could turn to lip exfoliating scrub, but it’ll cost you. Why not just use an item you already have in your bathroom? Bustle suggested exfoliating your lips with your toothbrush while you brush your teeth. Those dead skin cells and bad breath will be gone before you know it. Talk about killing two bird with one stone!

You won’t just save money with these hacks, you’ll also save tons of time! Keep your Baby-G watch handy while you try these tricks if you don’t believe us.


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