8 common beauty mistakes you need to stop making

Save your skin and hair with these solutions.

Save your skin and hair with these solutions.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. But when it comes to your beauty regimen, you’re likely making them more often than you think. It’s easy to overlook the situation when you didn’t even know you were goofing up in the first place.

Don’t worry – once you’ve read these eight common beauty mistakes, you’ll never make them again:

The makeup:

1. You’re not cleaning your makeup brushes
Neglecting to clean your makeup brushes doesn’t only increase the risk of breaking out, according to POPSUGAR. The leftover makeup keeps you from applying precise, sharp line and pigment to your complexion.

2. You’re not washing away your makeup before bed
It’s common to forget to take off your makeup before bed, but that’ll only clog your pores and make your skin more acne-prone while you sleep. Set the alarm on your favorite BABY-G watch close to your bed time so you’ll never forget.

3. You’re using expired makeup
That eyeshadow palette from freshman year might be your favorite of all time, but it’s time to retire it. Why? Because makeup actually has an expiration date! In fact, Most cream shadows, concealers and lipstick only last about a year.

The hair:

4. You’re drying your hair with high heat
If your hair dryer is set to too high of a temperature, you’re putting your strands at risk of frying and frizzing. Keeping it at the lowest possible heat setting is best for luscious locks, according to StyleCaster.

5. You’re shampooing too often
If you wash your hair too often, you’ll strip your scalp of its natural oils that give your hairdo life. Shampooing just three times a week is more than enough.

The skin care:

6. You’re using the wrong cleanser
You should be using a cleanser that’s tailored to work with your skin type. A dry complexion benefits most from a moisturizing cream cleanser, while oily skin reacts best to foaming face wash.

7. You’re not moisturizing
Even if your face isn’t dried out, you need to moisturize – specifically after cleansing. This will help retain and absorb the moisture in your skin, providing a smooth and supple complexion.

8. You’re forgetting sunscreen
Sunscreen isn’t only necessary for the summertime. Think about it: The sun still shines throughout the winter. And that means your skin will be exposed to those harmful UV rays. Make it a daily habit to apply lotion with at least SPF 15 to protect yourself from the sun.



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