8 beauty hacks to simplify your life

After you apply your lip color, dust a light coat of powder on top for a matte finish.

After you apply your lip color, dust a light coat of powder on top for a matte finish.

Let’s be honest, when your alarm goes off in the morning,  sleep seems much more appealing than spending extra time on your hair and makeup. If you find it difficult to make time in your day for a beauty routine, try some of these tips to keep yourself looking fresh even when your schedule is full.

1. Tame blunt-cut bangs
Few things are as frustrating than that moment when you look in the mirror and notice that your bangs have somehow parted straight down the middle. To make sure your blunt-cut bangs stay even and together, blow them dry while brushing in one direction with a round brush. After a few seconds start brushing in the opposite direction. Keep switching back and forth until your hair is dry.

2. Prime your lips
To keep your lipstick from smearing off, prime your lips with a thin layer of powder before you apply any color. The powder will help to keep your lipstick in place during the day. To lock it in and create a matte look in the process, dust another light layer on top. This ten second tip will save you time that you otherwise would have spent reapplying throughout the day.

3. Save your manicure with glitter
Manicure growing out? Cosmopolitan Magazine suggested using glitter starting at the base of the nail to create an ombre look. This hack also works if your manicure is starting to chip. Just cover your nails with a layer of glitter and no one will notice any little imperfections that have occurred.

4. Line your lids with eye shadow 
Is lining your eyes a nightmarish experience? Pass on the liquid liner and the pencil and grab a thin, angled brush instead. Wet the brush, run it across some dark powdered eye shadow and use it to line your eyes. The eye shadow is more forgiving than liquid liner when you mess up, and you’ll find that the brush is easier to control.

5. Use lipstick as blush
If you’re in a hurry, Allure Magazine reported that you can simplify your beauty routine by using your lipstick on both your lips and your cheeks. Just don’t go overboard! Use a light dash of lipstick on each cheek and gently rub it in with your finger for a natural glow.

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6. Pamper your feet while you sleep
Pedicures are great, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time for an appointment. To pamper your feet in the middle of a busy week, rub them with your favorite lotion before bed and then slip into a pair of comfy socks. The socks will help to lock in the moisture so that your feet soften while you sleep.

7. Don’t pump your mascara
Want to avoid an eye infection? Don’t pump your mascara. While pumping the applicator up and down may appear to be an easy way to get every last drop of the product, it also helps air get trapped in the tube, which can lead to bacteria growth. Try twisting the applicator around instead.

8. Eliminate puffy eyes 
Whether it’s from allergies, lack of sleep or the emotional season finale of your favorite show, puffy eyes can really throw a wrench in your beauty routine. To get rid of the puffiness, StyleList recommended making a salt water solution and applying it in the eye area with a cotton ball.


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