7 winter beauty hacks to keep in mind


Winter Beauty


There’s no telling when the cold temperatures will subside. And that frigid weather isn’t only affecting your mood and keeping you cramped inside, it’s also impacting your skin and hair.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to combat the damage the cold temps can do. Here are a few winter beauty hacks to keep in mind:

1. Soothe chapped lips with tea bags
Chapped lips are inevitable, but this issue occurs more often during the winter due to the dry air, which can make it harder to control. For relief, don’t just load on the lip balm – soothe your pout with tea bags. Byrdie said that the tannins, or compounds, in the tea can hydrate your lips almost immediately. Just steep yourself a cup and let the tea bag work wonders.

2. Moisturize after the shower
No matter how cold you are and how fast you want to get dressed, be sure you’re first moisturizing as soon as you get out of the shower. This allows your body to lock in the moisture and keep your skin from cracking and drying out in the cold.

3.Take an oatmeal bath
Consuming oats may be great for your physique and overall well-being, but they work wonders for your skin as well when applied topically. Oats are full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that can give your body the relief it needs from the cold, dry winter air. Fill a bath with warm water and add a cup of regular old-fashioned oats to reap the benefits.

4 Skip the foundation
Yes, you read this correctly: Even if you have blemishes to cover up, it’s in your best interest to skip the foundation. Instead, Brit + Co recommended using a tinted moisturizer during the winter. Foundations tend to be heavy and can illuminate dry skin instead of hiding it. A tinted moisturizer will hydrate your complexion while covering those problem areas. Talk about a win-win.

5. Exchange the black cosmetics for brown
Black may be your go-to color for eyeliner and mascara, but you should really consider mixing things up during the winter. At this time of the year, you’re likely more pale from being indoors – unless you like to fake bake or spray tan – and the darker shades won’t complement your complexion as well. According to Girls’ Life magazine, using brown mascara and eyeliner will give you a softer look and keep you from looking as white as a ghost.

6. Condition your locks properly
The dry air isn’t only going to dehydrate your skin. It’ll also do a number on your luscious locks, according to what Monica Richards of ModaMob told The Huffington Post.

“The lack of moisture in the winter air can be taxing, leaving hair dehydrated and overpowered by flyaways,” she said. “Prevent hair from flying in unwanted directions by ramping up the conditioning treatments.”

Find a new leave-in conditioner or a practice a new intense conditioning regimen every Sunday. Just hop in the shower, apply the treatment and get out to let it sit. Set the timer on your BABY-G BGA230-1B and then rinse once the time is up.

7. Mix up your hair routine
Based on the type of hair you have, you may want to consider switching up your beauty routine during the winter.

“Change your daily hair care regime to your environment, instead of sticking with the same products year-round,” Richards advised. “If you have fine hair, for example, you may want to switch your shampoo and conditioner to something that’s a bit richer to keep hair hydrated and healthy throughout the dry winter. ”

With these tips, you can avoid feeling drab all winter and remain looking fab no matter the season.


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