6 home remedies for healing a sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home Remedies for Sunburn


With the hottest days of the year fast approaching, its vital to be cautious of the damage the sun can have on your skin. Its essential to pack sunscreen with a high SPF when spending the day outside – and of course stay hydrated. Laying out and suntanning may initially feel nice – especially with the hope of acquiring a sun-kissed glow – but sunburn can easily sneak up on you and leave its harsh mark. You can always use your Casio BABY-G BGA240-4A watch to keep track of how long you’re out in the sun, but when you do unfortunately acquire an awful sunburn, there are a few home remedies to help the uncomfortable redness heal quickly. There’s no need to wallow in misery – check out these options to heal the disaster.

This is a convenient option, as you most likely already have a carton in your fridge. Natural Living Ideas suggested that you pour a bowl of skimmed milk and use a cotton pad to gently apply it all over your skin. Let it dry until it forms a layer over your inflamed areas, and then rinse and repeat. Milk is great for immediate relief, and it also won’t break the bank.

If milk doesn’t seem like the choice for you, Natural Living Ideas also recommended the oral remedy of tomato juice. Pour yourself a big glass and sit and relax – this juice is high in lycopene, a carotenoid with a large amount of antioxidants. Its best to start the healing process right away and not to let the sunburn continue to worsen. Even if you aren’t sure of the severity of the burn, drink some tomato juice for optimal prevention.

Everyday Roots recommended using potato paste when dealing with a bad sunburn. Try either rubbing slices of potato on their own across your skin or toss them into a blender to create a paste – add water if the liquid is too dry – to apply onto the damaged areas. Believe it or not, potatoes are great pain relievers and may make a difference in the level of discomfort you are feeling after lounging in the sun all day.

Take a bath
No, not a hot bath! There are ingredients you can add to a cool bath that will help to soothe your skin. MedicineNet suggested adding one cup of apple cider vinegar to the water that will help with healing, or soaking in an oatmeal bath, putting a few drops of essential oil in – like lavender or chamomile – or adding two cups of baking soda for reducing irritation. Soaking in the cold water will help relieve your discomfort and the ingredients will work their magic while you’re relaxing.

Cucumbers do more than just de-puff your eyes – they are great for healing sunburn. Similar to the potatoes, you can toss a cucumber in the blender and create a paste. If your skin is peeling, this can also be beneficial for soothing. Apply the paste all over your burnt skin and lay a couple of slices over your eyes. Let the cucumber paste sit on your skin for a little while and pretend you’re at the spa!

There’s a reason honey is an ingredient in so many hydrating facial masks – it’s super moisturizing! When it comes to sun blisters, honey is the go-to remedy – it’s hydrophilic, so it will help release the liquid from blisters with more ease and caution than popping them and risking infection. Apply the honey directly to the parts of your skin that have been burned, or combine it with oatmeal for additional help.


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