5 ways to keep your eye makeup from smudging

Use these tips to keep your eye makeup from smearing.

Use these tips to keep your eye makeup from smearing.


Have you ever spent a painful amount of time on your makeup in the morning only to look in a mirror and see raccoon eyes by lunchtime? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Say goodbye to smeared eye makeup with these five steps to a smudge-proof look:

1. Hydrate
Applying makeup to dry skin is a nightmare. Create a smooth base for your beauty products by hydrating your skin regularly. Invest in a good eye cream and moisturizer and use them regularly. The frequency will depend on your skin type. Eye cream shouldn’t be applied directly on your eyelid.

2. Start with a clean surface
Your skin produces oils that don’t work wonders for your makeup. If you want your cat eye to last more than a couple hours, make sure to start by cleaning your skin. You should wash your face every morning, paying special attention to your lids. Again, don’t put moisturizers or eye creams on your eye lids. Starting with hydrated – but dry – skin around your eyes will set you on the right track to long-lasting makeup.

3. Add a primer
One of the greatest secrets to making your makeup last is primer. Using a primer creates a base for your eye shadow and eye liner to cling to, keeping your work in place. Just swipe a layer over your eyelids before you put on your eye shadow and liner and you’ll be amazed at how much longer your look lasts. Make sure that you use a product specifically made to work as a primer for your eyes, not a concealer or foundation that you already have on hand.

“This is the biggest misconception when it comes to makeup,” L’Oreal makeup artist Sir John told Cosmopolitan. “While it might provide grip momentarily, both formulas usually contain oils that cause your eye makeup to move around on your eye, which is what you’re trying to avoid.”

You can usually find a pot of eye primer for around $20 to $30 in most of your favorite brands and it’s well worth the investment.

4. Use the right products
While there’s a lot you can do to make your products last longer, you can also cheat a little by buying products that are specifically made to last longer. For example, waterproof mascara tends to wear better over the course of the day, even if you don’t intend on crying or getting caught in the rain.

Smudge-proof eyeliner is also a must. Model and TV host Kelly Misa reported that the trick to finding the perfect eyeliner that will still in place is to look for consistency, glide and resistance in the product.

“The only way to know if your eyeliner has all three qualities is if you try it on the back of your hand and notice the following: how well the liner draws, whether it distributes an equal proportion as you line it, how it feels against the skin and how long it stays on when you rub it,” Misa wrote in an article for The Inquirer.

5. Set your makeup
When it comes to putting on your eye makeup, the final step should be to set the products with a bit of powder. If you use creams or pencils, matching powder eye shadow will work well. Already using powdered eye shadow? Allure recommended using blotting powder.

By following these five steps in the morning, you won’t have to check your Baby-G watch to ensure that you touch up your makeup every hour.


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