5 steps to make your lipstick last longer

Make your lipstick last longer with these tips.

Make your lipstick last longer with these tips.


Whether you’re going on an important date or just headed out for an afternoon with the girls, your makeup isn’t complete until you’ve added that pop of color on your lips. After all, isn’t your smile your best accessory? However, it can be hard to keep that perfect, pouty look going when the color keeps fading. There’s nothing worse than the moment you realize that more of your lipstick is on your water glass than your lips!

If you’re tired of reapplying your lipstick every hour, try these five easy steps to make the makeup on your perfectly-crafted smile last longer than ever:

1. Do prep work. 
Really want your lipstick to last? Then you’re going to need to put in some work before you even think about adding your favorite color. Allure reported that a smooth surface will hold the color best, so start by gently buffing your lips. The publication recommended using a damp washcloth, but a soft tooth brush will also work if you have one handy. Just make sure that you clean off any leftover toothpaste first! Exfoliating will remove the dead skin and leave your lips feeling smooth and silky, helping your color last longer after application.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
Before you pull out your makeup, hydrate your lips with a moisturizing balm. This is another important way to ensure that your skin is smooth before you put on your lipstick, adding durability. But hydration isn’t just something you should do when you want your lipstick to last. Moisturize your lips regularly to keep your skin healthy and avoid chapping. A single swipe of moisture isn’t going to repair weeks of damage, so get in the habit of carrying some kind of lip balm with you in your purse. You might even want to use your Baby-G watch with an alarm to set a reminder to use it regularly.

3. Use lipliner.
To keep your lipstick from smearing, start with a quick swipe of lipliner. Outlining your lips will will create a barrier that will help you to maintain the shape of your lips once the color is on. If you don’t want a bold line, just choose a nude tone that will help keep your lipstick in place without attracting much attention.

4. Pick the right lipstick. 
When it comes to creating the perfect look that will last an entire evening out, even the color can play a role. According to Allure, a bright or dark shade will last longer as opposed to a soft color as there’s more pigmentation. That’s not to say you need to get rid of your favorite nude or pastel option. But if you aren’t going to be able to reapply frequently, you might want to choose something darker.

Whatever color you choose, be careful with matte lipsticks. Though there’s nothing wrong with wearing matte every once in awhile, but you might want to avoid wearing it every day. Regular use of a matte product can dry out your lips, leading to rough, uneven color down the road that would call for more frequent application.

5. Finish it right.
Once your color is in place, finish off your look with a light brush of powder. Be sure that you don’t use a lot or else it could change the color of your lipstick and possibly even dry out your lips. For a poutier look, add another layer of color after the powder and then finish with one last coat of powder on top.


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