5 signs black lipstick is back

5 Signs Black Lipstick Is Back

5 Signs Black Lipstick Is Back

Trying something bold can be intimidating, especially if that something is black lipstick. However, you don’t have to go it alone, as many trendsetters have paved the way for this sleek and sexy trend that allows you to be yourself and let your freak flag fly.

Here are five signs that black is back.

1. Models and celebs rock it
Famous actresses, singers and even a few stylish men are excited about this darker lip shade. Just plugging the words “black” and “lipstick” into Google or Pinterest yields pages upon pages of results. Unlike other lip colors that clinicians say work best for particular complexions, black works for just about anyone.

2. Other people wear it too
In addition to getting a stamp of approval by celebs, people who aren’t in the spotlight are comfortable wearing black lipstick too. Years ago, when dark makeup became popular, it was predominately worn by self-proclaimed Goths and metal heads. Oh, how times have changed. The ominous hue has morphed into a more widely accepted color. Puckering up and applying black lipstick is now viewed as chic and classy. Just don’t go totally vampire, warned Vogue.

3. It’s getting media attention
Naturally, the media talks when celebs and models do something new and adventurous. It’s no surprise that with many famous faces supporting black lipstick, there are a number of newer articles about how to look your best with black lips. You know a trend is serious when editors and writers from publications like Vogue and Refinery29 are talking about it.

4. Halloween is no where in sight
One could argue that maybe black has become a thing for seasonal purposes, but not this go-round. Refinery29 chatted up makeup artists who style the faces of famous women to get some advice on the best ways to apply black makeup – specifically after Halloween has come and gone. The sinister look is easy with the right primer. Avoid chapped lips by putting on an ointment right before the lipstick. You can even try an overnight mask for hydration. What’s the takeaway? Black lipstick isn’t just bound to October.

5. Brands from A to Z carry it
If you’re still not convinced, just step foot into any store that sells cosmetics. You’re bound to find black lipsticks of all brands from the less expensive lines to the ones that require a major splurge. Find one that suits your budget, then you can get that BABY-G watch you’ve always wanted. Go for the BABY-G BA110-1A match your new pout.


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