5 must-try beauty gadgets

Must Try Beauty Gadgets

Must Try Beauty Gadgets


The allure of playing around with beauty products is joyous – who doesn’t like to feel pampered and well-groomed? As technology grows, so does the innovation of products, including those in the beauty category. These days it’s not only about covering up and hiding what you don’t find appealing to your appearance, it’s about digging deeper and removing what lies beneath your skin that isn’t welcome there. For those who like to go above and beyond the normal beauty and skincare regimen, there are beauty gadgets that will do all sorts of wonders for your face and hair. While some may seem out of the ordinary or costly, they are intriguing enough to check out. Here are a few of the beauty gadgets that have made their way onto the market:

HiMirror Plus
According to Forbes, this is one of the first smart beauty mirrors that can take a photo of your face, identify any issues or flaws and recommend products based on the analysis. It will catch the smallest of details, such as sun damage, pores, wrinkles and problem areas dealing with your complexion. While this retails at a high price, it is certainly a luxurious mirror to help you get your skincare routine in place.

Foreo Iris
These colorful tiny gadgets are sonic cleansing devices meant to be implemented into your daily face cleansing routine The sister product to the Foreo Luna, according to Cosmopolitan, this device is top notch when it comes to anti-aging. The Iris softly massages your skin and is great for de-puffing under your eyes, reducing the appearance of dark circles, and even enhances the benefits of your eye creams. Use your Casio BABY-G BGA230SC-4B watch to time how long you use it at night so you don’t go overboard on your skin.

The Kérastase Hair Coach by L’Oreal 
Calling all who brush their hair too hard, this battery powered, water resistant hairbrush is for you. It’s never good to tug too hard on your hair – it will only rip out perfectly healthy strands and hurt your scalp. Suggested by Forbes, this hair coach by L’Oreal helps you adjust your hair brushing technique by vibrating when you are brushing too hard. Additionally, this handy gadget also has a built in microphone to record any breakage in your hair and includes other sensors to identify heat and color damage so you can adjust your routine accordingly. This hairbrush is the ultimate damage control beauty gadget.

Sensor Mirror Pro
While this mirror won’t analyze the tiny flaws of your face, it’s worth checking out nevertheless. It’s motion activated, so the light will automatically turn on if you move toward the mirror. POPSUGAR recommended this gadget because it has the ability to mimic the lighting conditions around you in any given room. It also includes a natural lighting setting, so you can apply your makeup in the best lighting possible, as if you were in front of a window. Additionally, this mirror doesn’t need to be charged again for up to four weeks.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer
It is essential that you clean your brushes every few weeks to ensure cleanliness and avoid the buildup of makeup on the bristles, but sometimes it can be a hassle. This brush cleaner and dryer will do all the work for you. It includes rubber tubes that fit accordingly to your brush size, and the electronic part of the device spin your brush clean in soap and water, drying it afterward outside of the bowl. Say goodbye to getting your hands dirty!


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