5 color safe shampoos that will maintain dye jobs

After spending a small fortune to get your hair colored at the salon, it's only natural you would want to preserve your newly done hairdo.

After spending a small fortune to get your hair colored at the salon, it's only natural you would want to preserve your newly done hairdo.


After spending a small fortune to get your hair colored at the salon, it’s only natural you want to preserve your newly done hairdo. For keeping your locks healthy and vibrant, it’s essential to avoid regular shampoos that will strip your tresses of the dye. To avoid damage – such as brassiness or dullness – look for shampoos that are safe for color treated hair. Though it’s always best to avoid shampooing daily – hot showers will open up hair molecules and rid it of the color – using the right products can be beneficial for prolonging the dye job.  Fortunately, there are many kinds of protective shampoos, some of which are made specifically for your chosen dye color. So for example, if you’ve changed your hair to red, brunette or blond, there are several color specific options available based on your choice. Otherwise, most color treated products will work on a variety of hairstyles – and most won’t hurt your wallet too badly either.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System
This sulfate-free shampoo comes recommended by, because it will smooth and replenish dry or damaged hair and make every strand soft and vibrant again. This shampoo contains no harsh salts, and with a matching conditioner, they can be the ultimate anti-fade hair duo. Pick this shampoo up at your local drugstore and see what wonders it can do for you.

Verb Hydrating Shampoo
This shampoo was suggested by RANK and Style because it’s free of any harsh ingredients, such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates, and protects not only from color damage, but from heat too. According to HealthScope, using a lot of heat on dyed hair can create dullness, as it will make your hair cuticles too rough. So if you’re someone who tends to reach for the flat iron after washing your hair, it’s best to not only use a heat protectant, but an anti-heat shampoo as well to keep your strands damage-free and color safe.

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo
While this Paul Mitchell shampoo may be on the pricer side, it includes sunflower extract with the beneficial qualities of UVA and UVB protection. It also enhances color and shine and keeps your hair healthy while adding strength back to the cuticles.

Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo
This Redken shampoo was featured on Elle because it keeps the hue of your hair true to its dye color and maintains vibrancy – so you can wash your hair with this shampoo confident the salon quality will keep. It also contains charged amino-ions that stick to the hair fiber and create a protective barrier to ensure strength.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Color Safe Shampoo
Not only is this Herbal Essences shampoo very inexpensive, but it will get the job done efficiently and add great fragrance to your hair. Try it out and you may step out of the shower satisfied, knowing your color is being protected and an amazing scent has been added to your locks. Total Beauty recommended this shampoo because it will keep any elements from ruining your color – when you sit in the sun you can be confident that your color is bright and healthy.

Besides using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, it’s best to practice a good hair care routine to maintain its optimal health. HealthScope also suggested avoiding too much water rinsing, as water alone can fade hair color up to 80 percent. Once you’ve finished shampooing and conditioning, steer clear of the water stream from your shower head for as long as you can – try tying up your hair to avoid it falling into the danger zone, or use your Casio Baby-G watch with an alarm from your BABY-G BGA240-7A to keep track of how long you’ve spent in the shower to avoid over-washing. Additionally, make sure you invest in a high quality hairbrush – using a rough one can produce harsh and damaging results to your luscious strands. Maintaining a solid hair care routine can save you several trips a year back to the salon for upkeep – you can maintain the color on your own at a much lower cost. All you need is quality help and methods implemented into your everyday beauty routine.


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