3 unconventional uses for your nail polish

Unconventional Uses for Nail Polish

Unconventional Uses for Nail Polish

Odds are that over the years, you’ve gathered an impressive nail polish collection of hues, sheens and textures ideal for any occasion. Keeping a well-stocked nail cabinet is essential for when it comes time to match these shades to your accessories, like your BABY-G BA110CA-4A or favorite pair of pumps.

However, for the girl with a great deal of glam, there are other uses for your conglomeration of colors. Consider the following ways your polish can be repurposed in everyday life:

1. Keep your keys color-coordinated
They’re unique enough to only fit one lock, but for some reason, all keys tend to look the same. Instead of fumbling through these bronze and silver items each time you open a door, simplify the process by painting the top of each key with a different color to represent specific locations. This way, you not only have an easier time remembering which key fits which door, but you also have added a great deal of fun to your keychain.

2. Say goodbye to scuffs
Have a pair of black heels you’re dying to wear, but worried your friends may notice that big white scuff along the side? Break out the black polish and paint it over. This will only provide a temporary fix, but will last through the evening. This should only be an option, however, if the scuff can’t be washed out, as polish on a good pair of pumps may ruin the shoe.

3. Prevent ink from running
Clear polish can be used for a variety of unconventional purposes, from fixing runs in hose to adding shine to prop jewelry. One of the best ways to employ this polish is by placing it on top of labels written with ink, such as those used for organizing or placed in a garden. The clear coat will not damage your possessions, but instead create a protective coat ensuring the ink underneath won’t run or fade over time.


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